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Five Core Values

The problems besetting the marginalized in our communities cannot be separated from the overall environment that impacts all of its members. Yet, our work teaches us that uplifting and affirming the equality, dignity, worth and potential of every person and all groups in our community will also elevate our capacity to affect outcomes and strengthen bonds and opportunities. 

Andre Robinson
Beloved Community Center
(Greensboro NC) 2015\

“I am who I am because of who we are”


Ubuntu is a South African philosophy which can be used to describe community. It refers to a village mentality which we, as African Americans, seem to have forgotten in our progress, both individually and as a whole.

When one is a part of a village they have a role and are held accountable, and they hold their fellow-man accountable. 

Mark Gaskins
The Village Method (TVM) Union City CA


Social Justice

Economic Development

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Community/Neighborhood Development

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